-- A truly unique celebration --

Park Nature provides the perfect venue for memorable weddings and honeymoons. No matter you want an intimate simple or barefoot luxury ceremony on the lush lawn, our dedicated Wedding Planners will work with you every step of the way to make your dream wedding come to life.


"I do" with a view

Imagine you are getting married in a magical paradise - Park Nature. You and the love of your life will share the most wonderful and memorable moment... your wedding... with the sun warming your soul, the sea calming your senses, and the sand caressing your toes with the sound of nature lapping in the background.


With open lawn and romantic star watching luxury suite, bringing a warm, romantic, fresh and natural wedding scene. This will be your unique wedding site.

Perfect Day At a Perfect Place

Perfect schedule

Nowadays, outdoor weddings is more and more popular among young couples.  Especially during summer while flowers are blooming.  Outdoor wedding seems to be the best place for romance. We can make your dream wedding comes true.

Marriage proposal ceremony

There are many choices for marriage proposal venues. In recent years, it is getting more popular to propose in restaurants and outdoor venues.  Imagining in a romantic evening, having barbecue with all my friends to celebrate and witness this romantic and unforgettable proposal.



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