Park Nature Campsite is strategically located at the foot of Kai Kung Leng. You can freely hike up the mountain during your stay with no worries. Don’t underestimate this climbing journey. The hiking trail up to the top of Kai Kung Leng is a real physical challenge! No matter you have successfully climbed to the top of the mountain, or only part of it, you can still enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Yuen Long.


Stay at the Park Nature Campsite at the foot of Kai Kung Leng, perfectly located to stay while you have a trek up the mountain.

HIKING to Kai Kung Leng

The walk starts in Fung Kat Heung and passes some of the most stunning scenery of the Kai Kung Leng (585m).  Follow the trail uphill until you reach the Army Point Lookout where you can have a fantastic panorama view overlooking Yuen Long, Kam Tin and even as far as Shenzhen. Even though the entire climbing journey is exposed to the sun, the mountain landscape  along the way is something you can’t compare to Pat Sin Leng in the Northeast Territories. The views of Tai Mo Shan, Tai To Yan mountain ranges towards Shenzhen, Mai Po Marshes and Nam Sang Wai with some deserted fishponds, etc. are all unforgettable.

Nam Sang Wai Wetlands

Nam Sang Wai is a wetland area to the north of Yuen Long. It is home to many birds and flora such as reeds and mangroves. This walk is mostly flat and is most suitable for families from all ages. 

Collective Farm

Children are loving this activity at Park Nature.  Whole family are having fun together growing and taking pictures photo with  a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Wetland Park

The Hong Kong Wetland Park, located at the northern part of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, was built as an ecological mitigation area (EMA) to compensate for the wetlands lost due to Tin Shui Wai new town development project.

Mountain Biking

You can start the ride at the western side of the mountain range near Yuen Long. The ridge passes through two major summits in the area: Kai Kung Shan (374m) and Kwai Kok Shan (585m), the tallest peak in the range. The route is also popular among  mountain bikers and dirt bikers, with some of the valleys looking like giant ramps and half-pipes. Through the typical winter haze, you can see the farmers’ fields of Kam Tin to the south, and well into the mainland city of Shenzhen to the north.

I can’t believe that I can really have my outdoor wedding ceremony and banquet party. I always love outdoor activities and have decided to take all my family and friends to fresh air and get away from stressful city life on my special day.

Open lawn wedding ceremony and outdoor dinner banquet party has always seemed like an unrealistic idea in Hong Kong, this concrete forest. However, in Park Nature, everything has come to reality at a reasonable and affordable price. Their wedding planner organized every tiny details, we all had a wonderful and memorable night.

It’s just so special to have honeymoon suite in star watching caravan. After the party, we rested in the caravan, watching starlight through the sunroof. It’s so romantic.

Savour Your Next Holiday!

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