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Party Room

Party room is very suitable for family and friends gathering.  With barbecue, mahjong machine and other entertainment facilities, everybody can find their own laid-back relax or outdoor activities.  There will never be a dull moment during your stay.

Stargazer Caravan

In the rapid pace of urban life,  people are always in a rush.  There is no time to stop and enjoy beautiful scenery around.  Here, at Park Nature,  you can finally get away from the stressful urban life, enjoy  peace and nature with your family and friends.

Pet-friendly Caravan

You are welcome to bring along your pets for your holiday here.  We provide recreation areas for kids and pets.  All of you can  enjoy our outdoor camping and various barbecues styles.

Park Nature campsite, sits at the foot of Kai Kung Leng, a perfect location to stay at while enjoying all the outdoor activities in the area.Memories are about places, people and experiences.  Come to Park Nature, to catch up with old friends or new ones,  create new memories with someone special.

Park Nature, locates at the heart of the Historic Village – Fung Kat Heung, lies at the foot of the Kai Kung Leng Hill, with far-reaching panoramic views across to the farmlands and the whole Yuen Long district.

Our accommodation includes 7 luxury touring caravans.  Superb Park facilities include bar room, outdoor play area and the newly opened – Thai Cow  Bar & Thai Restaurant.

Park Nature Campsite, sits at the foot of Kai Kung Leng, a perfect place to stay where you can heartily enjoy all the outdoor activities in the area. 







Vacation without the need of spending hours on traveling. When work and study get suffocating, simply pick a weekend, take the chance to stay in the suburb, have some relaxing and quality time with friends – barbecue, camping, hiking, biking… Let your busy stressful city life subside while watching sunrise and sunset in the countryside.


Our romantic moonlight luxury suite with open lawn is a dream wedding ceremony spot for couples who want to have a warm, romantic, fresh and natural outdoor wedding ceremony.

Company Gathering

After work, let’s find a  dinner party place with colleagues.  Our happy cozy environment is a good place to bond with colleagues, extend relationship beyond work, add more joy and colors to your life.


BBQ is one of the most relaxing and intimate banquet style.  It is welcome by all age groups and becomes a must-do outdoor party activity.

Despite that air conditioner can create a cozy comfortable feeling in small indoor environment, people can’t stop thinking of enjoying the outdoor nature from time to time.  When the weather starts getting cool, it’s the perfect time to meet up several friends, carrying jingling cooking utensils and bags of snacks, taking the sky as the rooftop and the ground as the kitchen…. it’s such a relaxing getaway moment from our busy city life.  

Just an hour from home, you can be away from the hustle and bustle in urban life and relax in the nature.

  • it is a handsome vintage caravan bar serving delicious cold beer and other refreshments, also equipped with everything needed to make your next staycation truly unforgettable.
  • Go inside the new age of members only dining club. We offer authentic Royal Thai Cuisine for lunch and evening dining, members may dine indoor or enjoy outdoor in the caravan park. so why not try something different?
  • 8-11am Breakfast
  • 12-5pm Afternoon Tea
  • Tinja is the Natural Pet Grooming Spa from Pets Corner, so you can be assured that your pet will be loved and cared by our staff in a clean and safe environment and knowing that the groom will be finished to an exceptionally high standard at a fair price.
  • Our Pet-friendly outdoor barbeque seating area is enclosed with fencing,  patio kitchen with fridge and sink, perfect for preparing and serving party foods .
  • Bunny Garden has a total size of 260 sq ft including a sheltered area in the bunny house.  Inside the bunny house is approx. 1.5 m high, suitable for the little ones to sit inside and play with the rabbits, as well as providing lots of space for bunnies who like to stand on hindquarters at times.

Recently there are tour agencies claiming to be our partners and offer discounted caravans rental and ask customers to pay directly to personal accounts.  Park Nature hereby state that WE DO NOT PARTNER WITH THEM and our company account name is INCOME MALL LIMITED.  We would advise users not to conduct transactions with unknown sources.